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Computer Repair

Much like vehicles, computers are in constant need of maintenance and repair. If you start your system up and there is no display, there may be a problem.  Often, when attempting to surf the internet, your computer may be slow even if connected to a high speed connection.

If your computer is that slow, do you need to purchase a new one? Not necessarily. Let's go back to the analogy of the vehicle. If the Service Engine light appears, do you trade in the vehicle? Of course not. You take it to a service technician who can troubleshoot and repair the problem. Our goal is to get your system running and functioning at an optimal level.  We can recommend a fix that is right for your sytem.

Listed below is one of the most common PC maintenance problems users face everyday. We've offered a few recommendations on how to correct the problem as a sampling of our services.

Computer Slowness:

What causes computers to slow down?  Many factors can contribute to a computer that is no longer efficient.  Some may be:

  • Start Up Overload:  You may have too many programs running when the computer starts up. Take a look at the number of icons that appear to the left of your clock on the lower right of your screen.  Some of these programs may be slowing your computer down.

  • Spyware: Spyware may be causing you headaches. Spyware is made up of malicious software programs that stealthily embed themselves into your software.   How do you get spyware? E-mail is one of the main culprits of spyware transport. You may remember receiving an odd e-mail last week, but after launching the seemingly harmeless e-mail your system now is slow and your internet connection seems to be dragging. There are several tools available to assist in spyware removal and protection

  • Lack Of Memory:  If you are running a Windows based operating system (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or soon to be Windows 8), the more memory you have installed, the better.  Even if your Dell desktop is five years old, you may be surprised what a few sticks of system memory can do for you.  We recommend as a great source to purchase memory for your PC or laptop system. 

  • Badly Fragmented Hard Drive: Over time, your computer's files can be scattered all over your system's hard drive.  This is called fragmentation.    Click here to go to our tech tip blog to see instructions on how to defragment your hard drive and increase performance. 

There are many diagnoses to computer repair issues. We would be pleased to assist you with those needs. Feel free to contact us by phoneonline form or by e-mail and allow us to work with you to determine your needs and recommend a PC Repair & Maintenance plan that is cost effective and best suits your needs to keep your system running and in good repair!

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