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Digital Garage- Computer Sales & Service

What makes Digital Garage so special?

Any business that specializes in repairs better have outstanding customer service.

Today, everyone has a wealth of mobile laptop devices and desktop computer technologies that improve the quality of their lives—and when those technologies break down, getting them repaired can feel completely overwhelming.

When you buy a computer or Smartphone, you typically get it from a company that thrives and rockets its stock price by demanding that any scratch or screen crack requires a full, expensive replacement.

Then, if you somehow survive with your trusted and beloved piece of technology, you will be in an even deeper hole years down the road when something breaks. Usually, if you call the company you bought your computer from, years down the road, they will tell you to take a hike.

If you’re a restaurant or shop that uses tech to drive commerce and serve your customers, you might be in even bigger trouble.

So, what do you do if something you use every day, to connect to the digital world, breaks? If you live in and around the Hudson, Wisconsin area, you’re in luck, because Greg at Digital Garage Computer Sales & Service is here to help.

Greg is an old-school computer repair tech who has worked on many kinds of computers. Digital Garage is a safe haven for anyone looking to have their PC or laptop worked on with intensive care and quality customer service.

Whether you need computer repair, a better deal on a new machine, network and wireless setup, and more, Digital Garage has everything you need to bring your computing power back up to 100%. Greg will even coordinate in-home repairs—so you won’t even have to go through the hassle of disconnecting your machine.

Digital Garage is a fast-track, one-stop-shop for restaurants, too. Greg’s team of IT experts specialize in the installation the POS system, Lavu Point of Sale, the industry’s leading mobile POS platform. If your bar or restaurant is looking for a way to make sale and customer service a breeze, Digital Garage can do that with ease.

Greg has built his business by creating long-lasting relationships with customers. Computers can be fragile, and it’s no secret that a computer which encounters a problem will likely be a candidate to have another problem. Having a relationship with a professional repair shop that can mitigate and save your tech is invaluable. Greg is here to make sure the integrity of your computers is safe, and that they will be around for you to use for years to come.

Full scale replacements are hectic. Sometimes, a quick repair is all you need. Don’t let big companies tell you to take out your credit card and buy a new machine. Greg is here to intervene and help your laptop or PC gets up and running like it’s brand new.

It all starts with a conversation.

Go online to to schedule your consultation, today!



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